Support coral reef conservation through letters to the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force

West Jordan jwest at
Thu Feb 17 18:04:36 EST 2000

Dear colleagues;
On behalf of the Marine Program of IUCN-The World Conservation Union, I am
writing to encourage your active participation in support of coral reef
conservation and the efforts of the U. S. Coral Reef Task Force.  The
upcoming March 2nd meeting of the Task Force represents an important
opportunity for scientists, managers, and other stakeholders to raise a
collect voice in support of coral reef conservation.  
Even if you are unable to attend the meeting, you can still make an
important contribution!  If you feel strongly about coral reef conservation,
you can encourage continued attention to coral reef issues by e-mailing or
faxing a letter of support to Roger Griffis or Patricia Kennedy (contact
information below), acknowledging your concern for global threats to coral
reefs, and endorsing the efforts of the U. S. Coral Reef Task Force to
address these threats, both domestically AND internationally.  It is also
important to remember how powerful letters from constituents can be to
members of the U. S. Congress and to their counterparts in other governments
- a brief letter to your U. S. Congressman (U. S. citizens) or to the
relevant environmental policymakers of your country (international
colleagues) can greatly strengthen efforts to increase awareness and
financing for coral reef research, management and protection.
The leadership of the U. S. in developing a comprehensive and coordinated
national plan for reef conservation can serve as a starting point for other
national plans, while its participation in cooperative international efforts
should be encouraged and increased.  For domestic reefs, the U. S. strategy
is based on a collection of plans designed by Working Groups on: coastal
uses, water and air quality, coral reef mapping, ecosystem science and
conservation, all U. S. Islands strategy, and public education and outreach.
Meanwhile, the International Working Group serves as liaison with
international bodies such as the International Coral Reef Initiative and the
Convention on Biological Diversity, and has been very active in
international efforts to address global threats such as coral bleaching and
international trade in coral reef organisms.  
A special one-day meeting of the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force will be held on
Thursday, March 2, 2000, at the Department of Commerce auditorium, 14th
Street and Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C.  The purpose of the
meeting is to review and discuss the proposed National Action Plan to
Conserve Coral Reefs (  This is a detailed long-term
strategy for the restoration, protection, and sustainable use of coral reef
ecosystems, both domestically and internationally.  At its last meeting in
October 1999, the Task Force endorsed the draft National Action Plan and
presented it for public comment.  A steering group has reviewed the
submitted public and internal comments and is now revising the document in
preparation for its consideration and possible adoption at the upcoming Task
Force meeting. 
We encourage strong attendance at the meeting and/or letters of support to:
Roger.B.Griffis at (fax: 202-501-3024) or
Patricia_Kennedy at (fax: 202/208-4684)
Thank you,
       Jordan M. West, Ph. D.
       Marine Science Advisor
       IUCN-The World Conservation Union
       1630 Connecticut Ave., N. W. -- Third Floor
       Washington, DC 20009
       Telephone: ++1 (202) 387-4826
       Telefax: ++1 (202) 387-4823
       E-mail: jwest at

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