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Satellite event of the 8th International Conference on High Performance 
Computing and Networking (HPCN 2000) conference (May 8 - 10, 2000,

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A fundamental question in biology is how the interplay between the
genome and the physical environment drives pattern formation and
morphogenesis.  Before long this question has been adressed in
experimental studies. Already since the pioneering work of Turing
(1952) and Lindenmayer (1968), simulation models have been used,
in addition to in vivo and in vitro experiments, to study pattern
formation and morphogenesis.  With the availability of new computational
techniques (particle-based techniques as for example lattice gases and the
lattice Boltzmann method) in combination with large scale computing
facilities, in silico experiments are becoming more and more an important
option to study this question and investigate self-organisation and
emergent behaviour in biological systems.  Furthermore an enormous
amount of progress has been made this last decade within the
developmental biology of metazoans, with the discovery of some of the genes
controlling how an embryo develops. Also, the genomes of some
important experimental organisms have now been or are now being elucidated.
Potentially this combination of new discoveries in developmental biological and
new computational techniques may advance this field enormously. Work on
morphogenesis and pattern formation, using modelling and simulation in
addition to in vitro an in vivo experiments, has many implications for research
in medicine and biology.  Examples are studies on carcinogenesis, studies on
regeneration capabilities and ecological studies on growth and form and the
impact of the physical environment.

The symposium is supported by the Dutch foundation for Scientific

PROGRAM May 10, 2000
10:15 - 11:00 Pattern formation in biological excitable systems; the
              morphogenesis of Dictyostelium - Kees Weijer (Anatomy 
              Department, University of Dundee, United Kingdom)
11:00 - 11:45 On the way to the virtual heart- Sasha Panfilov (Theoretical 
              Biology / Bioinformatics Group Utrecht University, 
              The Netherlands)
11:45 - 12:30 Formation of embryonic axes and organizing regions -
              Hans Meinhardt (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Entwicklungsbiologie,
              Tuebingen, Germany)

12:45 - 14.15 Lunch

14.15 - 15.00 Modelling growth and form of sponges and stony-corals and
              the influence of the environment - Jaap Kaandorp (Section 
              Computational Science, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
15.00 - 15.45 A three dimensional model of cell movement in multicellular
              systems - Eirikur Palsson (Department of Mathematics, 
              University of Utah, USA)

The number of participants for this symposium is limited and registration
in advance is required. Please send by email the registration form to:
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Symposium modelling and simulation of morphogenesis and pattern formation
in biology and medicine 

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