Epoxy in filling of Coral cores?

Raleigh International Belize raleighcom at btl.net
Tue Feb 22 13:01:15 EST 2000

Dear Coral List,

I am seeking advice on the best type of Epoxy resin to use for the =
infilling of a coral core hole, to prevent infection of the sampled =
colony. We believe resin is provides the best chance of tissue regrowth =
and a practical solution to protecting a sampled massive coarl, does the =
list agree?

A minimal number of cores will be taken, as part of our three year study =
here on the Belizean barrier reef. We are interested in the impact of =
increasing agricultural land use and the subsequent increasing sediment =
loads on the coral reef. Any advice would be much appreciated, and a =
good supplier in the U.S. a bonus.=20

Also I would be very interested in observing a coral spawning event. Are =
any of the major species included in the following families =
(Poritidae,Siderastreidae,Faviidae, Agariciidae,etc)  be spawning =
between now and May 10th? =20

Thanks for your time and attention,=20

Paul Nelson

Raleigh International Marine Scientist (1 of 4!)

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