Epoxy in filling of Coral cores?

Bruce Carlson carlson at soest.hawaii.edu
Tue Feb 22 13:56:10 EST 2000

Z-Spar Splash Zone epoxy is safe to use with corals.  Buy it in one gallon
cans (two-parts).  Mix it on the boat before going underwater and it will be
good for at least 30 minutes before it begins to harden; it takes several
hours to harden completely.  We use it a lot for fixing corals to rocks.  It
appears to have no affect on "delicate" reef fishes even in closed-system
aquariums.  You can buy Z-Spar products at boat/yacht supply stores.

Epoxy putty in stick form, where Part A is rolled around Part B, is not as
satisfactory.  It does not "stick" as well as the Z-Spar to coral surfaces.

Neither of these products "pours".  They are like putty so the best you
could do would be to plug the hole but not fill it.

Another product that does pour is araldite epoxy resin (Civa-Geigy).  It is
supplied in three parts that have to be mixed shortly before pouring (3
parts GY 237 or 507 resin to 1 part Y 830 hardener and 1 part HY 850
hardener).  I have not used this product so I cannot tell you how it might
affect corals.

If you drill vertically into corals, you might also consider pouring in a
cement-plaster mix.  Carry it dry underwater in plastic bags, mix with
seawater when you're ready to use it, then "pour" it down the hole.

Bruce Carlson
Waikiki Aquarium

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> Dear Coral List,
> I am seeking advice on the best type of Epoxy resin to use for the =
> infilling of a coral core hole, to prevent infection of the sampled =
> colony. We believe resin is provides the best chance of tissue regrowth =
> and a practical solution to protecting a sampled massive coarl, does the =
> list agree?
> A minimal number of cores will be taken, as part of our three year study =
> here on the Belizean barrier reef. We are interested in the impact of =
> increasing agricultural land use and the subsequent increasing sediment =
> loads on the coral reef. Any advice would be much appreciated, and a =
> good supplier in the U.S. a bonus.=20
> Also I would be very interested in observing a coral spawning event. Are =
> any of the major species included in the following families =
> (Poritidae,Siderastreidae,Faviidae, Agariciidae,etc)  be spawning =
> between now and May 10th? =20
> Thanks for your time and attention,=20
> Paul Nelson
> Raleigh International Marine Scientist (1 of 4!)

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