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NOTICE -- New Experimental "Coral Bleaching Indices" -- NOW ON-LINE

Coral Reef Bleaching Indices: - NOAA's National Environmental
Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) inaugurated February 22, 2000,
new on-line "Coral Reef Bleaching Indices" page.  This release is
timed to
closely coincide with the Department of Commerce's hosting of the US
Reef Task Force (CRTF), March 2.  Encouraged by the CRTF, this
web-site shows,
at a glance, key parameters for coral reef bleaching at 24 chosen
sites throughout
the global reef community: 6- Atlantic Ocean ; 6 - Indian Ocean; and
12- Pacific
Ocean.  Links are included that allows the visitor access to
additional relevant
on-line information.  These links will continue to be enhanced to
generate much needed calibrations and validations from our users in
the field.
Parameters being displayed included: Current temperature; expected
summertime value; accumulations of potential bleaching thermal stress,
heating weeks (DHW)," for past 12 weeks (3 months); highest DHW
accumulations seen during past 10 years for this same period.  Site
name "blinks"
when real-time SSTs exceed maximum summertime SST expected
-- this black blinking name will convert to "red" whenever the SST
reaches (or
exceeds) a level that is one degree (C) above the expected summertime

New Indices are seen at:

or may be reached through the NOAA's Bleaching HotSpot website at:

We look forward to your feedback (form provided) as we seek ways to
you better.

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