New Coral Collection/Trade/Cites Publication

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An excellent new review publication on these subjects is:

"The Global Trade in Coral"  pp. 70
Ed Green and Francis Shirley 1999
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
219 Huntingdon Rd. Cambridge CB3 ODL UK
Fax: +1223-277136
Email: Edmund Green <edg at>

Also includes citations of quantitative studies and fisheries stock assessments
of coral harvesting in Hawaii and the Philippines  e.g.:

Ross, M. 1984. A quantitative study of the stony coral fishery in Cebu,
Philippines. Marine Ecology 5(1):75-91.

Grigg, R.W. 1984. Resource Management of Precious Corals: A review and
application to shallow water reef building corals. Marine Ecology 5(1)57-74.

But they seem to have missed helpful publications such as:

Wells, S., P. Holthus, J. Maragos. 1994.  Environmental guidelines for coral
harvesting operations. SPREP Studies Series No. 75.  P.O. Box 240 Apia, Samoa

Stoney coral harvesting on Oahu. 1978. R.E. Johannes. HIMB Tech Report
(available from Hawaii Inst. Mar. Biology Library)
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