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Florence Thomas fthomas20 at
Thu Feb 24 14:43:09 EST 2000

Post-doc available at The University of South Florida.
 The research is an  NSF funded project on the
hydrodynamics of nutrient transport in marine benthic
communities. The post-doc should have experience in
one of the following areas: microbial ecology,
biogeochemistry, and/or hydrodynamic modeling.  The
post-doc will participate in an active lab working on
physical and biological processes that control
nutrient dynamics in coral reef, seagrass, mangrove,
and salt marsh communities.  The present research
group is diverse and we are looking for someone who
has complimentary interests and who can add a new
dimension to the group.   The post-doc will also have
the opportunity to gain teaching experience as part of
the position is to assist in the instruction of
Ecology and Biomechanics courses.  The post- doc is
for 2 years starting in Fall 2000 with a possible
extension. If interested please contact Dr. Florence
Thomas, Dept. of Biology, University of South Florida,
Tampa, FL 33620 fthomas at .  You can
also look at our WEB page at:
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