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Katrina Korfmacher korfmacher at
Thu Feb 24 17:11:40 EST 2000

> To who it may concern,
>  I am writing to remind you of a unique opportunity at the Duke Marine
> Lab this summer, and to ask you to mention this to your students.  I am
> teaching Marine Policy during summer session II (see attached flier; for
> more info see; (252)
> 504-7502 voice; (252) 504-7648 fax; or email hnearing at
>  My first introduction to Marine Policy was taking this course myself
> in 1991.  I went on to get my MS and PhD from the Nicholas School of
> the Environment and now teach environmental studies at Denison
> University, a liberal arts college in Ohio.  These experiences inform
> how I teach the course: I am committed to the teaching style of a
> liberal arts college, the professional exposure and integration of the
> Nicholas School programs, and the value of field work and direct
> contacts with people working in coastal management.  For this, I draw
> on my long history working in the Beaufort area. As a policy
> scientist, I emphasize the politics of the policy process, innovative
> approaches to regulation, co-management, and the role of science in
> policy.
>  I wanted to let you know about my approach to the course to give you
> more information on how the course might work for your students.  I have
> designed the course to meet the needs of many kinds of students,
> including: 1) science students with an interest in doing
> management/policy work after graduation; 2) political
> science/sociology/economics students who don=92t have the opportunity to
> study coastal issues at their home institution; 3) students wishing to
> =91try out=92 or learn more about professional programs like that at the
> Nicholas School of the environment; 4) graduate students or
> professionals interested in moving into coastal management from another
> field.  In fact, one of our students who hopes to do a 3-2 program with
> the Nicholas school is likely to take the course this summer, using it
> as a social science course in her concentration (major) here.
>  This course will involve local issues, field trips, and problem solving
> creating a diverse and applied experience in coastal environmental
> policy and management.  Marine Policy (ENV 276/PPS 197) is offered to
> undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals (1c/3sh). There are
> no prerequisites.  This course is offered as part of the Duke Marine
> Laboratory=92s Integrated Marine Conservation Program.  Therefore, it is
> also possible for students to take a second course, Conservation Biology
> and Policy, at the same time for a total of 6 credits.
>  If you have any questions about the course, feel free to contact me
> directly.  There is no deadline for applications, but March 1 is the
> deadline to be considered for scholarships.  Thanks for your interest!
> Katrina Korfmacher
> Korfmacher at
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