Zooxanthellae cultivate

Cristiane Francisca da Costa cfcosta at dse.ufpb.br
Mon Feb 28 20:19:30 EST 2000

Dear all coralist:

Is anyone work on ZOOXANTHELLAE cultivate?
I am trying to cultivate these dinoflagellates of Brazilian corals, but
I have not to obtained success because many things on technic, I think.
If anyone could help me, I will like a lot.

Thanks all,

Cristiane F. Costa
Núcleo de Pesquisa de Recursos do Mar (NEPREMAR), Centro de Ciências
Exatas e da Natureza (CCEN)/Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Campus Universitário, s/n
58059-900 João Pessoa, PB, Brazil.

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