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Mon Jan 10 15:00:03 EST 2000


The Hawaii Coral Reef Initiative Research Program (HCRI RP), managed by =
the Social Science Research Institute at UH-Manoa, is issuing a call for =
preproposals for its FY00-01 project cycle. About $700,000 is available =
for monitoring and research activities. Preproposals are due February =
3rd, 2000. If you cannot download the attached full RFP, please contact =
Liane Koga (lkoga at elele.peacesat.hawaii.edu; 808/956-8930).=20

1. Enhance Monitoring and Assessment Capacity. HCRI RP has sponsored =
various monitoring and assessment efforts in the past. Baseline data has =
been collected in various forms at a number of transects for over 30 =
sites across the state. Besides building on current and past activities =
- which focused on corals, algae, and fish - HCRI RP encourages =
continued expansion of data collection and analysis to encompass =
invertebrates and human use.=20

2. Develop Monitoring and Assessment Techniques for the NW Hawaiian =
Islands (NWHI). HCRI RP is soliciting preproposals to develop a rapid =
assessment technique to characterize and monitor corals, algae, =
invertebrates, and vertebrates of Northwest Hawaiian Islands' (NWHI) =
coral reef ecosystems.

3. Conduct Research and Make Policy Recommendations to Resource =
Managers. Numerous studies have been conducted using standard water =
quality parameters. The usefulness of the parameters in determining =
coral reef ecosystem health is unknown. HCRI RP is seeking pre-proposals =
addressing land-coastal zone processes and effects on coral reef =
ecosystems. Investigations of the linked relationships between land =
runoff, coastal zone water quality, nearshore biogeochemistry and =
physics, and nutritional needs of nearshore species are especially =

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