Bill Bradley and Al Gore

Osha Gray Davidson osha at
Tue Jan 11 09:58:50 EST 2000

To American listmembers:
I'm trying to assess the coastal and reef policies of the two leading Demo. 
presidential candidates, Al Gore and Bill Bradley. Gore is more of a known 
quantity--he seems to have a good record within the current administration 
for supporting reef conservation and research funding (please, someone, 
correct me if I'm wrong). Bill Bradley has a proposal to create something 
called "The Coastal and Ocean Conservation Fund." Details are on his 
website at
(or follow the links from to "On the Issues.") 
I'm wondering if someone can give an opinion on Bradley's proposal. Is he 
allocating enough funds? Do they go to the right areas? Etc. If you don't 
want to respond to the entire list, please contact me directly.

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