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IMEX 2000

International Maritime Conference and Exhibition As Indonesia takes its
first steps into the new millennium with a new democratically elected
government it faces many challenges. Not least is the challenge to provide
food, welfare and education for its 2 plus billion population, while
striving to protect and conserve its unique bio-diversity, both above and
below the waves. International Maritime Conference and Exhibition Makassar
sets out to explore avenues of development and conservation, within the
confines of the coming regional autonomy, community development and
protection of natural resources.

With keynote addresses by the Minister of Maritime and Fisheries, and
presenting a broad range of Nationally, and Internationally recognized
speakers it sets out to show the new establishment what has to be done to
rehabilitate and protect marine resources, and coral reefs for sustainable
use in the future, one critical to the marine resources of the world.

As tourism becomes the leading global industry in the next century,
Indonesia must make the right decisions, to move towards becoming the
bio-diversity warehouse of the world as the last natural wonder, or
increase its momentum towards the capitalistic goals of high employment,
low wage industrialization.

The conference will bring together the technocrats, environmentalists,
fishermen and scuba divers, each striving for the establishments ear, to
guide Indonesia on a critical path into the next century. Join this
crucial process, and learn more of national and international conservation
efforts, funding, and steps to achieve sustainable marine tourism.
Objectives; Thanks to the efforts of many people and institutions, much
more attention is being paid to the plight of marine ecosystems and coral
reefs together with the need to conserve them for future generations.
Beyond greater public awareness and attention, action is required, we must
reach out to others, to inform them it is no longer enough to talk. A
clear course of action must be established, to combat today's problems and
this must be based on a sound diagnosis of causes.

The International Conference has three basic objectives;

1. To share experiences concerning coastal and Marine Resources
management, and ways of long-term financing of coral reef conservation and

2. Take positive steps to identify, and implement, more effective marine
conservation efforts.

3. Develop ecologically sustainable marine tourism.

Knowing how important coastal and marine resources are, we must take
action to convince many others of the importance of our concerns. We must
communicate to all branches of science, governments, institutions and
people, specialists and decision makers, the urgency of needed actions. It
is important that others share our concerns.

While those with knowledge are convinced of the problems and aware of the
dire consequences, there is a tide of complacency and disengagement among
the global community, unlike anything we have witnessed in past years.
This must be combated if we are to succeed.

Aims of the conference are:

Achieving the enrichment of each other by identifying successful
experiences in raising funds and assistance, from resource users, and
interested groups, to support conservation and rehabilitation of marine
ecosystems. Moves generated from individual lessons learned, applied to
wider applications of these experiences in the field, to evaluate the more
successful. We need commitments and finance to support implementation of
good ideas that emerge from these deliberations. Consensus on long term
financial approaches that map out active partnerships and recognize
achievements, between government, local communities and private sector

Honorary Chair
The Minister of Maritime and Fisheries
General Chair
Prof.Dr.Ir.H.M. Natsir Nessa

Supporting Institutions:
The Australian Embassy                 Jakarta
Proyek Pesisir  (CRMP)                Jakarta
The Nature Conservancy               Jakarta
The Hasanudin University              Makassar
Institut Pertanian                            Bogor
LIPI (National Research Council ) Jakarta
Department of Environment           Jakarta
Department of Tourism                  Jakarta

 Cyanide Fishing and other Destructive Practices in the Live Reef Fish
Trade a Growing Threat to Coral Reefs
 Upstream development and coastal zone conservation.
 Colaborative and community-based management of coral reefs.
 Coastal environmental Problems.
 Resource ecology of the coral reef system.
 Marine Recreation and Park Technology.
 Marine Recreation and Tourism
 Sustainable Development (Economic, Social and Environmental) of Coastal
Zones.  .
 Coral Reefs Policy and regulations.
 Coral Reefs Environmental  Protection.
 Sea Level and climate change affects of Coral Reef Bleaching.
 International Cooperation.


The Technical Program Committee is inviting papers for presentation at the
IMEX 2000 If interested in presenting a paper, please contact the IMEX
2000 Secretariat to obtain the abstract format. Accepted abstracts will be
compiled and published as the IMEX 2000 Abstracts. Abstracts must be
received no later than MARCH 15, 2000 Abstracts must be in English.

Send all abstracts and questions to :

IMEX 2000
Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran
Jakarta 10610 Indonesia
Tel :  + 62.21 654 5309
Fax  :  + 62 21 654 5328
Email  : imex2000 at


In addition to conference registration fees, the conferences are
financially supported by private industry and government agencies of
maritime nations. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for the IMEX
2000 please contact us and we will send you the details

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