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Sun Jan 16 23:49:36 EST 2000

Dear Mr. Abe,

Thank you for helping to get news of these global efforts into Japanese. 

1.	They, in this case, means France, which hosted highly productive
ICRI meetings in Paris and Guadaluope during 1999.
2.	Million is correct.
3.	ICRAN is a project name. It is really an umbrella project,
consisting of distinct, highly interactive, coordinated activities among
seven primary international institutions, several regional seas programs and
a large number of partner agencies.

Translations are extremely important to our efforts in reef conservation,
and your work is greatly appreciated. 

Domo arigato gozaimashita!

John McManus

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	Mariko Abe at WWF JAPAN

	We are now translating couple of materrials into 
	Japanede and having difficulty in understanding.
	If you could help us , we would really appreaiate it

	1)From ICRI October report

	> ICRI started about 5 years ago as an intergovernmental
	> process to coordinate efforts to conserve coral reefs.  
	>Since then it has become a bit more open with 
	>international organizations such as the World Bank and 
	>UNEP are participating.  France is currently acting 
	>as secretariat (after the US and Australia).  This is
	> the second in a series of CPC meetings, which they are hosting.  
	>The first was held in Paris and attended by Sue Wells,
	> The next one will be in New Caledonia, May, 2000 followed 
	>by Bali, October 2000 (in coordination with the International
	> Coral Reef Symposium).

	The part ,'This is the second in a series of CPC meeting, which 
	they are hosting'. What does 'they 'mean ?
	'France only' or'Feance  USA and Australia' ??

	2) ICRI report
	> International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN)
	> John McManus of ICLARM has been pushing this idea
	> with other key players in hope that they can 
	>obtain UN Foundation funding (estimated US$9.5) and 
	>use that to leverage as much as US$35 Million.  The project has
thee components:  

	?Do you think (estimated US$9.5)should be 'US9.5$ million'?
	?Is  ICRAN NGO's name or project name ?

	If someone could help me. I would really appreciate it 

	Best Regars,

	Mariko Abe

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