NGO Meeting, Friday, March 3, Wash DC

Oceanwatch at Oceanwatch at
Fri Jan 28 12:07:07 EST 2000

TO:  Coral Reef NGOs and Science Stakeholders

Oceanwatch would like to invite you to a breakfast meeting of coral reef NGOs 
to take place Friday morning, March 3 in Washington, DC after the Coral Reef 
Task Force meeting.  The main purpose is to plan a coordinated lobbying 
effort for increased Federal coral reef funding to support the Natl Action 
Plan and other high priority coral reef issues.  

Please arrange your travel schedule to stay over Thursday night and plan to 
spend Friday morning on Capitol Hill.  We will provide the exact time and 
location shortly.   We welcome input into the agenda and help with organizing 
this meeting.  Please RSVP to oceanwatch at

Thank You
Cliff McCreedy
><((;>   ><((;>   ><((;>
2101 Wilson Boulevard 
Suite 900
Arlington, VA  22201
phone 703-351-7444
fax 703-351-7472
e-mail:  Oceanwatch at

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