Publications using SEAKEYS monitoring station data

Sandra Vargo svargo at
Mon Jan 31 16:28:41 EST 2000

The SEAKEYS network is a series of 7 automated environmental monitoring
stations located along the Florida Reef Tract and in Florida Bay.  The
data is transmitted by satellite and can be viewed on bulletin boards
maintained by NOAA/AOML and Dept. of Marine Science/University of South
Florida.  The URLs are and  This network is supported by grant funds. We
need your help in compiling a list of users of the SEAKEYS data and any
publications which may have resulted.  Please e-mail or send by mail a
list of your publications which may utilize this data to Deborah Haynes
(dhaynes at, Fax 727/553-1109, and mailing address FIO, 830
First Street S., St. Petersburg, FL 33712.

Thanks for your help.

Sandy Vargo

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