Reef Check Update January 2000

Gregor Hodgson gregorh at
Mon Jan 31 23:28:55 EST 2000

Reef Check January Update 2000

Welcome to Reef Check 2000!! Thanks to your strong support and hard
work, Reef Check 1999 was our best year ever reaching over 50 countries
and territories. Many new and exciting activities are planned for Reef
Check 2000.

Headlines in this report:

1. Reef Check wins prestigious CMAS GPIEM environmental award
2. Join "Dive In to Earth Day" April 12-22, 2000
3. Reef Check Foundation in Hong Kong
4. New support from: Quiksilver, Leonardo DiCaprio, ICRAN(WRI, ICLARM)
5. Help and Win Raffle Launched
6. RC Transfer and 2000 Press Conference Plan
7. 1997-98 Database release
8. Reef World/Reef Check Collaboration
9. Selected Country reports (USA, SPREP, Oz, RP, Mauritius, Saudi, Indo,

The full 4-page report along with some exotic frame grabs from Andy
Dunstan, E. Australia, can be viewed of the NOAA CHAMP Page at,


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