Job available/USF: Coral reef remote sensing

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Tue Jul 4 15:00:02 EDT 2000

Coral Reef Remote Sensing and Satellite Oceanography
Research Associate at the University of South Florida

The College of Marine Science, University of South Florida, seeks a
Research Associate to work on an ambitious remote sensing program
targeting coral reef environments.

The successful candidate will lead a team and will be responsible for
collecting, processing, analyzing, and synthesizing results of field
data and large volumes of digital image data collected over coral reef

Preferred qualifications are a Ph.D. in oceanography or a similar
science area. The candidate should be experienced in the collection,
analysis and presentation of extensive field experimental and digital
image data. Familiarity with time series, classification schemes, and
current shallow-water aquatic algorithms for VIS optical image data
(bio-optical/bathymetry, etc.) is desired.

The position requires a high degree of inventive and independent
thinking as well as leadership skills. Essential qualifications include
demonstrated scientific programming experience in FORTRAN, C, and
preferably IDL (or MATLAB), experience with UNIX/Linux, and excellent
communication and organizational skills. This includes writing for
peer-reviewed journals and grantsmanship.

Salary is competitive and will depend on experience and qualifications.
This is a full time position contingent upon continued external funding.

Availability is immediate.

Send a resume, a brief cover letter outlining data analysis experience
and the names/addresses/phone numbers of three references to:

Frank Muller-Karger                     Remote Sensing/Biological
College of Marine Science
University of South Florida             Phone: (727) 553-3335
140 7th Ave. South                             (727) 553-1186 (Lab.)
St Petersburg, FL 33701                 FAX:   (727) 553-1103

                                        << carib at

The University of South Florida is an EO/AA employer.


______________ FMK ______________
Frank Muller-Karger
Remote Sensing/Biological Oceanography
College of Marine Science
University of South Florida
140 7th Ave. South
St Petersburg, FL 33701

  (727) 553-3335 Office
  (727) 553-1186 Lab.
  (727) 553-1103 FAX

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