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For those of you who may have missed the earlier announcements, WCMC has =
recently launched an interactive map with records of coral diseases =
world-wide. This was a collaborative project with NOAA - National Marine =
Fisheries Service. You can access this information and map at: 


Of more specific relevance to the recent messages regarding gorgonians we =
have quite a lot of records of Aspergillosis in gorgonians, while a number =
of the "disease unspecified" records also relate to gorgonians (all are =
referenced to source). These at least provide some "background reading". =
Clearly these new reports are of particular interest and will be in need =
of serious investigation.

Ed Green is leading this work, which is ongoing. He is on leave this week, =
but may well want to follow up with more specific details about the =
current reports soon.

With best wishes

Lucy Conway (lucy.conway at unep-wcmc.org.uk)
Mark Spalding


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