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Wed Jul 12 12:54:40 EDT 2000

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I work in the Conservation Economics Unit at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF),
an international environmental NGO. I am based in Washington DC. I was given
your reference by David Hulse, regional representative of our WWF office in

One of my colleagues in our Philippines office is looking for information on
coral valuation. Recently there was a minor accident in the Tubbataha reef
area in Sulu Sulawesi Sea in the Philippines, where a tour boat ran into a
coral reef haven. The local WWF office is attempting to assess the economic
losses from this accident, and has asked for some references to case studies
where valuation of coral reefs has been done. They would like to use this
information to levy a penalty on the boat operators. Although this a
specific case where damage has occurred, nevertheless, insights into the
methodologies applied would be useful. If you are able to cite a website
from which documents can be downloaded, that would be very welcome.
Otherwise, please do indicate where one can get such references.

I appreciate your help. If you have any questions please do feel free to
contact me or Manuel Mejia, WWF-Palawan in Philippines at the following
e-mail mmejia at


Ms. Gauri Khanna
Coordinator, Conservation Economics Unit
Washington DC 20037
Ph: (202) 778 9698
Fax: (202) 293 9211

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