9ICRS scientific fieldtrip reminder

Arnaz and Mark Erdmann flotsam at attcanada.ca
Wed Jul 19 02:02:58 EDT 2000

	A brief reminder that the scientific field trip schedule for the 9ICRS in
Bali is rapidly filling and those that are considering joining one of these
trips but have not yet registered are encouraged to do so before the 30
July deadline for 9ICRS early registration. As mentioned in several
previous announcements, this scientific field trip schedule consists of 10
different liveaboard dive vessel excursions to four diverse regions of
Indonesia: Komodo, North Sulawesi, Wakatobi (SE Sulawesi) and Bali. Each
trip will be led by a reef scientist with at least three years' experience
working on Indonesian reefs, and should offer an unparalleled opportunity
for 9ICRS participants to explore some of the most diverse but understudied
reef systems in the world while benefitting from the insights of local and
expatriate reef scientists. All four destinations will feature diving
within Indonesia's Marine Protected Areas system (including Komodo National
Park, Bunaken National Marine Park, Wakatobi National Marine Park, and Bali
Barat National Park). 

Further information on the field trips and registration forms can be found
at the 9ICRS website: <http://www.nova.edu/ocean/9icrs> or by contacting
Pat O'Connell (pat at southeastasia.com) at Asia Transpacific Journeys. 

Best wishes,

Mark V. Erdmann, PhD
Marine Protected Areas Advisor
Natural Resources Management Project, North Sulawesi Office
Jl. Santo Joseph No. 39, Manado, Sulawesi 95010 Indonesia
Email: flotsam at manado.wasantara.net.id
Phone: (62) 811-433857

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