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Dear Coral-Listers:

I am writing for two separate reasons-- a request and an announcement:

1.  I would be grateful if anyone could direct me to some high-quality film footage that might be available to use for a very short, informational video being developed about the International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN).  In particular, we are in need of NTSC format film footage from the Red Sea, Pacific and Indian Oceans (for the Caribbean we have sufficient footage, thank you) with segments that may show a range of conditions such as healthy reefs, bleaching, mortality, destructive fishing practices, and possibly coastal images of local people who depend upon coral reefs for their livelihoods. Many folks may use digital video these days, and that might also be helpful if it is good quality footage.

Unfortunately, I cannot pay fees for use of the film, but would credit (in large font) any footage chosen for the piece and pay for shipping, insurance, duplication and handling of the material.  I would be most appreciative of any direction or contact information anyone could provide.

2.    There remain large numbers of publications still available for free from the World Bank.  In particular, the four volume set, "A Global Representative System of Marine Protected Areas" produced by IUCN, The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the World Bank is available, and "Africa: A Framework for Intergrated Coastal Zone Management" is also available in large number.

If you are interested in receiving a copy (or copies) of any of  these publications, please send an email request addressed to Kristine Schwebach (KSchwebach at with your mailing address included.

Thank you,

Andy Hooten
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