Orange Montastrea cavernosa recruits?

Iain Macdonald I.Macdonald at
Tue Jul 25 10:10:00 EDT 2000

During a recent field trip i noted the following along my transects.

M. cavernosa recruits (i use the plural as this was seen three 
different times), of only one polyp was noted at approx. 15-20m depth 
to appear to the unaided eye as fluorescent orange. Close by (ie 
10cm away) 5 polyps were the typical olive green colour with this 
"day glow" orange colour around its edges. Again a few cms away 
larger colonies 20-25 polyps were only olive green. Is this typical 
for recruits (i think not) or maybe as a result of some stress 
(sediment) stimulus? I was startled to see such colour from this type 
of coral and would like to konw of any other observations.


Iain Macd.

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