Orange Montastrea cavernosa recruits?

EricHugo at EricHugo at
Tue Jul 25 21:57:42 EDT 2000

Just a quick offer to those interested parties.  

Aquarists use actinic bulbs on reef aquaria, and a large portion of these 
bulbs spectra is in the near-UV spectrum, and thus fluorescence is very 
obvious in many hundreds of species.  

Orange is a fairly common fluorescent color in Faviids, in general, and also 
fairly common in Zoanthus sociatus.  I am sure other aquarists on this list 
could offer the same, but I'd be happy to relate on the fluorescence of any 
of hundreds of scleractinians, octocorals, corallimorpharians, zoantharians, 
actinarians.  It is very limiting to seek out fluorescence underwater, but a 
quick trip to a coral facility or any well stocked aquarium at "simulated 
dusk and dawn" will quickly reveal the patterns, colors, and variations of 
these pigments in a slew of taxa.  No, it does not appear to stress related 
at all, at least in captive species.  For at least GFP, and seemingly for 
other colors, increasing irradiance will cause its production in almost all 
cases, and increase the fluorescence of those which already have it - even in 
corals one might not expect to see fluoresce at all, such as Sarcophyton spp. 

Eric Borneman

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