New CHAMP Page Layout

Jim Hendee hendee at
Sun Jul 30 14:00:10 EDT 2000


	Thanks to our WebMaster, Monika Gurnee, the Coral Health and
Monitoring Program (CHAMP) Web Page has a new layout, and some new
informational links, including especially links to NOAA coral-related
sites.  We would very much like to hear any feedback you might care to
offer concerning design, functionality, additional features, etc.

	Thank you so much for your thoughts and support.

	Jim Hendee
	CHAMP Administrator

"NOAA's mission is to conserve resources and to describe, monitor, and
predict changes in the Earth's environment in order to ensure and enhance
sustainable economic opportunities. NOAA's goal is to become the premier
and authoritative voice in the promotion of global environmental

    D. James Baker
    Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere
    and Administrator of NOAA

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