Bali 9th Int. Coral Reef Symposium: Proposed Session on Algal-Coral Dynamics, Phase Shifts etc

Laurence McCook L.McCook at
Mon Jun 5 00:13:48 EDT 2000

Proposed Session at Bali 9th Int. Coral Reef Symposium: 

"Algal dynamics, coral-algal interactions and phase shifts on coral reefs."
"Dynamics, roles and interactions of benthic algae on healthy and degraded
coral reefs."

Dear Colleagues,

We think that it would be good to arrange a session of talks at the Bali
Int.Coral Reef Symp. with a theme of benthic algal ecology on coral reefs,
their dynamics, roles, and interactions with corals, especially during
so-called "phase shifts" and reef degradation.

With the agreement of the Program organiser (Dr David Hopley), we propose
to organise a session by combining suitable abstracts a post-hoc
mini-symposium under a title such as those above.

Although it is too late to organise a proper mini-symposium, I have offered
to convene the session, along with Drs Margaret Miller (NMFS/SEFC, Florida,
USA) and Dr Alina Szmant (Univ. Nth Carolina at Wilmington, USA). If you
have submitted an abstract for a talk you think would be suitable, and
would like to participate in such a session, please reply to Laurence
McCook at the contacts below (pref. by email). If possible, please fwd me a
copy of your abstract, as well. I will notify Dr Hopley of the participants.

Please note that as the submission of abstracts was due by April 30th,
the abstract of talks should already have been submitted to Dr Hopley.

Laurence McCook

Margaret Miller

Alina Szmant
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