1st Intern. Sympo. Deep Sea Corals

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Thu May 4 10:29:45 EDT 2000

The First International Symposium on Deep Sea Corals ("Science and
Conservation of Deep Sea Corals") will be held in Hallifax, Nova Scotia,
Canada, from July 30 through August 2, 2000.   From the Web page

THE SYMPOSIUM is open to scientists, managers, ocean users and all
  those with an interest in deep sea corals. 

  Those who may wish to attend the Symposium or to contribute
  papers, are invited to complete a registration form and return it (with
  abstracts if appropriate), to the Symposium Secretariat by June 1,

  Those not submitting papers or posters, may register at any time after
  this, but a late fee will be charged. 

  A registration fee of $150 Canadian dollars ($75 for students) is in
  effect until June 1, 2000 - after which the registration fee is $200. 

  Individuals who find the full fee prohibitive but would like to attend,
  are asked to contact the Secretariat. 

  The registration fee will cover the cost of the Symposium abstracts
  and reception, as well as lunches and beverages throughout the

  A Symposium dinner will be held in the Banquet Hall in the Faculty
  Club, Dalhousie University.
  Tickets are available for $30 per person.

                     Pre-Registration Form and Provisional Abstract:
                                  FEBRUARY 1, 2000

                          Final Early Registration and fees, and
                                  FINAL ABSTRACTS:
                                     JUNE 1, 2000

                                     FINAL PAPER:
                                    JULY 30, 2000

                          The registration Form can be printed
                              from the Contact Us! page. 

Email contact is Susan Gass at: coral at is.dal.ca

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