percent coral cover

John McManus jmcmanus at
Wed May 10 06:50:37 EDT 2000

As far as I know, all data on the ReefBase CD-ROM is linked to a full
reference  which is accessible by clicking on the reference number on the
page displaying the data. All data is linked to specific reefs for which
central coordinates are provided. Exceptions are generally for data which
have been reported at the country level and where the reef has not been
indicated in the original report. That generally does not apply to benthic
data. However, given that there are several thousand records of benthic
data, the team is always looking for potential errors. If you find any data
that is not properly located or referenced, please contact ReefBase at
reefbase at

Note that a few people have confused the website with the CD-ROM. The
website currently holds only a few widely requested tables from the actual
database, which is available only on CD-ROM. It took a long time for
Microsoft to make MS Access fully net compatible, and ReefBase is too
complex to reprogram easily. A future version of ReefBase will be fully
accessible on the Internet.

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