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Juan Torres jltorres38 at
Mon May 15 19:15:03 EDT 2000

Hi Toni,
I have personally used the LiCor 1400 data logger with a surface cosine 
collector and the underwater cosine collector Li-192SA for measuring Ed 
(PAR) in coastal waters in Puerto Rico and it works very fine. One bug of 
its program, is that the data is retrieved continuosly (do not separate the 
UW measures and the surface ones in two separates columns, which would be 
ideal). Instead the data appears one after the other:
surface, etc, in one single column so you have to either create a simple 
program to separate them both or separate them manually in excel of any 
other spreadsheet. Other than these two little problems it works perfectly 
for UW light measures.
I guess they are on-line.
A picture of a similar instrument can be found on: Kirk (1983,1994) Light 
and photosynthesis in aquatic ecosystems, Cambridge Univ. Press.
Hope this info serves!
Juan L. Torres, MS
Bio-optical Oceanography Lab.
University of Puerto Rico
Dept. of Marine Sciences

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>I am currently working on measuring light fields at the Flower Gardens 
>National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Texas.  Does anyone have
>suggestions of brands and models a good PAR meter that is easy to use,
>sturdy, and accurate?  I would like to purchase one that is fully
>submersible since the work will be done in the field.
>Thanks for any information you can provide.
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