Remote Sensing & coral reefs

Ron Devine Vave s96007966 at
Mon May 22 20:48:54 EDT 2000

hello there everyone! My name is Ron Vave, and I am a Postgraduate student
in Marine Science. Currently I am working on a Biodiversity research
project in a nearby reef in Suva (FIJI), called Nukubuco reef.
Concentrating only on Species diversity.

I intend to expand this into my Master (MSc) but to also integrate Remote
Sensing (GPS, GIS etc etc). The reef that I have chosen to work on is the
Suva reef which is at close proximity to the University.

If you have done any sort of work that is relevant to this field, could
you please help me out; by giving me some guidelines and maybe some
advice. Links to other works would also be very much appreciated.

Vinaka vaka levu (Thank you) from Fiji.

Ron Vave
Post graduate student
Marine Studies Programmme
University of the South Pacific
Fiji Islands.

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