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Coral Folks and Parks Folks, 

Below is the Job Description/Scope of Work for a Resident Advisor on a USAID 
Project in Egypt, relating to the natural resources management of the Red 
Sea. I spent 18 months on the precursor to this project, so would be happy to 
provide insight and details for anyone who is interested.  The outgoing 
person had a terrestrial-parks background, but a marine orientation is really 

The position is open immediately--only serious folks able to make a year or 
more committment should respond.

PLEASE DO NOT HIT REPLY---rather send me an individual email regarding the 
position, or contact Ms. Stagliano (info at end)  at IRG directly.

Terms of Reference - Natural Resources Policy Advisor

Position is open to a U.S. citizen or Alien Registration card holder. The 
position is based in Cairo, Egypt, and reports to the EEPP (Egyptian 
Environmental Policy Program) Team Leader. 


The incumbent will be responsible for the management of appropriate design, 
development, implementation, and analysis of natural resources management 
policies, activities, and institutional strengthening measures. Particular 
emphasis is to be given, but not limited to, the Red Sea ecosystem. Must 
ensure coordination and collaboration with other USAID-funded EEPP 
contractors, and other donor representatives, regarding natural resource 
management issues.

Key functions:

·   Provide advice to the Nature Conservation Sector (NCS) of the Egyptian 
Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) in Cairo on matters such as:
    -   Design and implementation of a management plan for the overall NCS, 
including institutional reforms needed to make NCS more effective, and NCS 
operations. Included in the management plan is to be a staffing structure, 
with roles and responsibilities.
    -   Development of a basic training curriculum.
    -   Development of a Code of Conduct.

·   Provide technical support to NCS in Cairo on matters such as:
    -   Developing a zoning plan for proposed Larger Red Sea Protected Area.
    -   Developing self-financing proposals for cost recovery of EEAA 
operations in the Red Sea.

·   Provide technical support and advice to PSU staff assigned to EEAA 
Hurghada office on matters such as:
    -   Regulatory compliance and enforcement (including use of ranger 
patrols) of nature and environmental protection laws.
    -   Compliance with environmental impact assessment (EIA) requirements.

·   Provide technical support and advice to EEAA in Cairo on establishing 
clear roles and responsibilities for implementing EIA procedures and ensuring 
that impact mitigation measures are conducted with regard to developments in 
and along the Red Sea.

·   Provide technical support and advice to USAID and PSU staff in Egypt on 
natural resources management policy issues. Ensure that several relevant 
policy papers are prepared regarding natural resources management issues.

·   Provide technical support and advice to other EEPP contractors regarding 
natural resources policy issues.


At least Master's degree in appropriate discipline and 15 years relevant 
experience in natural resources management, and EIA preparation and 
compliance. Additional background desirable in law enforcement, environmental 
regulatory compliance, or nature protection. Previous experience with 
donor-funded projects in developing countries an advantage. Must have 
excellent written and spoken English language skills.

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