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Gould, Rob Rob.Gould at itn.co.uk
Fri May 26 04:29:50 EDT 2000

Coral people,

I was interested by the recent comparison between reefs and rainforests. I'm
producing a documentary for Discovery Channel on the marine research in the
Mascarene area of the Indian Ocean. Coral reefs clearly play an important
part in the ecology here and these reefs suffered particularly badly in the
1998 bleaching event. The idea that coral reefs are analogous to rainforests
is one I've heard and was planning to use as one of the themes in the

One reason for linking the two ecosystems, from my point of view, is the
hope that it will raise public awareness of the importance of coral reefs in
the way that the destruction of the rainforests became popular cause in the
final decades of the last century.

I am structuring the programme at the moment so any thoughts from you, the
experts, would be greatly appreciated. Any information about possible
implications of reef destruction and, of course, the positive contributions
coral reefs make to the wider environment are particularly welcome.

Your knowledge on this subject is obviously far greater than mine so I would
very much appreciate any help or ideas.

Many thanks,

Rob Gould

rob.gould at itn.co.uk  

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