Palythoa mats

John Naughton John.Naughton at
Wed May 31 13:25:47 EDT 2000

I read with interest the recent discussion on Palythoa/scleractinian coral
interaction, and palythoa "outbreaks" as an indication of eutrophication.  
We recently have been conducting surveys for the Army at Kwajalein Atoll
Missile Range Facility in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI).  
We've surveyed all environments surrounding 10 islands within the atoll
which are leased by the Army from the RMI. Rather extensive Palythoa mats
were recorded by us on the outer, seaword reef flats of only two of these
islands.  Interestingly, these were Kwajalein and Roi-Namur, the two
islands with ocean outfalls discharging either on or just off the ocean
reef fronts.

If anyone out there has records of Palythoa mats on the outer reef fronts
at Kwajalein (or any of the other atolls in the Marshalls), we would be
very interested in these observations.  Thanks much and aloha, John

John Naughton
Pacific Islands Environmental Coordinator
Honolulu, Hawaii
Phone:  808/973-2935x211

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