Report of coral bleaching, Boynton Beach FL

Don McAllister mcall at
Mon Oct 23 07:27:14 EDT 2000

Are the temperatures higher than normal?

Thomas Goreau has been tracking the relationship between temperatures and
bleaching.  Though now away at the coral congress in Bali you could leave a
message for him at the above e-maill CC address.

Don McAllister

Etichscuba at wrote:

> While diving yesterday (10/21/00) I observed bleaching of Maze Coral
> (Meandrina meandrites) from Gulfstream to Lynn's Reef off Boynton Beach
> Fl.  I have been diving this area for the last five years on a weekly
> basis.  The bleaching has occurred within the last two weeks.
> Approximately 10-20% of this species is now affected, with some colonies
> completely snow white.
> Is there an agency or group this should be reported to?
> Ed Tichenor

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