Coral Nurseries for Reef Restoration

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>Biorock Coral Nurseries for Reef Restoration, Mariculture, and Shore 
>Pondok Sari Hotel, Pemuteran, Bali, Oct. 28-29, 2000
>Tom Goreau, Wolf Hilbertz, Azeez Hakeem, Yos Amerta
>BIOROCK (Mineral Accretion) is the revolutionary simple low-cost 
>technology that is the ONLY method for growing solid limestone 
>artificial reefs, coral nurseries, breakwaters, and other structures 
>underwater using renewable energy. The growth rate of corals and 
>shellfish are increased many times faster than normal, accelerating 
>reef restoration even in badly damaged areas. This workshop provides 
>hands-on training in design, construction, and installation of 
>practical solutions to a wide variety of ecological restoration, 
>mariculture, fisheries, shore protection, construction, and global 
>climate change problems, directly from its inventors.
>Saturday, Oct. 28
>8:00    		Bus transportation leaves Nusa Dua for Pemuteran
>12:00    	Lunch
>13:00   		Opening  (Pemuteran Village Mayor, Rep. of 
>Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs)
>13:30		Introduction: state of Bali reefs  (Amerta)
>14:00		Slides and videos of past and ongoing projects (Hilbertz)
>14:45    	Principles of mineral accretion, applications to 
>coral nurseries, reef restoration, mariculture,
>           	shore protection, and other projects (Goreau)
>15:45		Maintenance and monitoring (Hakeem)
>16:00    	Dive and snorkeling trip to Bunbung Biorock Coral 
>Nursery and surrounding Pemuteran	Protected Area
>17:00    	Design, construction, and wiring of a coral nursery structure
>19:00    	Dinner
>20:00    	Roundtable on the beach
>Sunday, Oct. 29
>08:00    	Breakfast
>09:00    	Preparation  of coral nursery structures
>10:00		Installation of coral nursery structures
>11:00		Attachment and maintenance of coral transplants
>12:00    	Lunch
>13:00    	Diving on dynamite and cyanide damaged reefs and 
>natural reef sites in the vicinity
>15:00    	Conclusions, policy questions, future project 
>planning, and wrap-up
>16:00		Bus transportation leaves Pemuteran for Nusa Dua
>Fees:	(Include transportation to and from Nusa Dua, meals, 1 night 
>hotel stay, and diving)
>Fees will also be used to cover costs of  materials and  to 
>subsidize cost of local participants. Any surplus will be used 
>towards larger community-based reef restoration projects in the 
>Pemuteran area.
>Bali Fishermen     (simultaneous translation from English into 
>Balinese or Bahasa Indonesia)		FREE
>Developing country NGOs, scientists, and divers 
>			US$100
>NGOs, scientists, and divers from North America, Europe, Australia, 
>and Japan			US$300
>Representatives from Funding Agencies 
>		US$400
>The workshop is sponsored by  BALI WATERSPORTS AND DIVING 
>THE VILLAGE OF PEMUTERAN, & Pemuteran hotels and dive shops
>To register or obtain more details contact: goreau at, 
>saya at th,   or yosbali at
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