Reef Check Update September 2000

Gregor Hodgson gregorh at
Mon Sep 11 03:34:56 EDT 2000

1)  Reef Check at ICRS 9 Bali October 2000 -- We will have an RC
information session on Monday night at 8 pm (in either Lotus or Jasmine
Room on 3rd floor of Sheraton Nusa Indah Hotel). We welcome all marine
scientists and managers. If you have heard about Reef Check and wanted
to participate but did not yet have the chance, come and meet
coordinators and team leaders from around the world and find out about
how to join this unique and valuable enterprise.

2) The Reef Check/GCRMN joint Symposium will take place on Monday (all
day) and Tuesday morning (see full schedule at Several of the Tuesday
morning sessions will be on case studies of RC implementation from
around the world. Questions on how to find sponsorship, how to organize
the community, how to carry out training will be addressed.

3) The Post-symposium RC/GCRMN Workshop at Nusa Penida October 28-30 is
full, however, a waiting list has been opened and cancellations are
expected. If you would like to join the waiting list please read the
June 20 bulletin in the above website and send a note to: Ketut Sarjana
Putra <KPutra at> or contact either Ketut or I at the

4) For those divers who would like to get involved in RC early,
facilities will be available on several pre-symposium field trips to
carry out RC. Check with the trip organizer. The instructions for RC are
available on our website: or email the Operations
Manager, Ladan Mojaherani at <rcheck at>

5) Reef Check 2000 is in full swing throughout the tropics. Reminder to
all teams: Please try to send video and still photos to us as well as
emailing the data. These help us with our press briefings (and make your
team famous!) For those teams who have completed surveys. Remember:
please don't wait to send in your data. Send the data now before they
get buried.

REMINDER: All Reef Check data and correspondence should now be sent to
the new mailing address at UCLA given below. (Any mail sent to Hong Kong
will still be forwarded.)

Reef Check
Institute of the Environment
1652 Hershey Hall 149607
University of California at Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1496 USA
Office Tel: 310-206-9193 Direct 310-794-4985
Fax: 310-825-9663
Email: rcheck at

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