Ostreobium as a marker

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Sun Sep 17 11:24:24 EDT 2000

In a message dated 9/15/00 11:57:24 PM, cindyh at hawaii.edu writes:

<< Does anyone have a handle on a way to visualize or track Ostreobium through

an experimentally-induced shift in light regime?


Hi Cindy:

This may help? It may not be a protocol, exactly, but may give some idea of 
what you are thinking about.

Fork, D. C., and A. W. D. larkem. 1989. Light harvesting in the green alga, 
Ostreobium sp., a coral symbiont adapted to extreme shade. Mar Biol 103: 

There is also another paper by Fork and Larkum that was in Photosynthetic 
Research called "Photosynthetic light-harvesting in the extreme shade alga 
Ostreobium", but I can't seem to find that one.  

Eric Borneman

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