Respones on identification of coral recruits ...

Angela Dikou scip7318 at
Mon Sep 18 21:05:06 EDT 2000

I would like to thank all the people who replied to my request on
identification of coral recruits; especially Andrew Baird for caring,
professional, and lengthy response. Here are the helpful publications:

Babcock RC (1992) Measuring coral recruitment. In: Workshop on coral and
fish recruitment. Report Number 7. Boliano Marine Laboratory, Marine
Science Institute, University of the Philippines. ISBN 642 19281 2.=20

English et al. (1997) Ed.  Survey manual for tropical marine resource.
Australian Institute of Marine Science, Townsville 368p

Baird & Babcock (2000) Morphological differences among three species of
newly settled pocilloporid coral recruits.

Vernon and Wallace, 1984 Scleractinia of Eastern Australia. Australian 
Institute of Marine Science Monograph Series, Volume 6

J.E.N., Veron (1986) Corals of Australia and the Indopacific,
University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu

Carden Wallace's latest book on staghorns of the world
available through CSIRO in Australia.

Best regards

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