DIGESTS: not yet, but soon?

Jim Hendee hendee at aoml.noaa.gov
Wed Sep 20 10:30:07 EDT 2000


	I know many of you are anxious to begin receiving the weekly or
daily digests again.  I have enlisted the help of one of majordomo's
authors (Dan Liston) to help, but he has not yet found the problem either.  
We anticipate a breakthrough "soon" but can offer nothing more than that
at this time.

	Please DO NOT try to sign up for any of the digests until we are
ready, as this will just slow us down.  

	We DO NOT have a sign-up list for when we do get the lists going,
so please do not ask us to sign you up when we do get it running. Using
the automated sign-up (by you) saves us time, which we can of course use
in other things.

	If the messages you are receiving are an annoyance to you in the
frequency, but you'd still like to receive the digests, you can:

	a) unsubscribe now, and try again later
	b) make judicious use of the "D" key in deleting them from your
	c) grin and bear it until you see the "DIGESTS WORKING" subject
		header in your inbox, then sub/unsub whatever you'd like
	d) unsubscribe from the whole thing because you just 
		can't take it any more

	In summary, HANG TIGHT!  We're working on it!

	Your patience is appreciated, really.

	Jim Hendee
	coral-list admin

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