Position available

Harilaos Lessios LESSIOSH at naos.si.edu
Wed Sep 20 13:45:39 EDT 2000

Tropical Marine Scientist
The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has a position available for a Marine Scientist working in any aspect of tropical marine biology or geology. The successful candidate will be expected to help develop the Institute's Caribbean marine station at Bocas del Toro, located within one hour's flight northwest of Panama City. STRI is building a modern biological station at Bocas del Toro for the use of resident and visiting scientists as well as students. All branches of marine science will be considered, but a candidate with a program of field research that involves the extensive coral reef/seagrass/mangrove ecosystems in the region or the richly fossiliferous Neogene marine sequences will be preferred. Qualified persons should submit a statement of research; complete curriculum vitae; and addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of five references. Review of application will begin on 15 November 2000 and will continue until the position is filled. Send applications to: Mrs. Luz Latorraca, Office of Human Resources, STRI, Unit 0948, APO AA 34002, U.S.A. Telephone: +01-202-786-2099, extension 8094 (U.S.A.); Fax: +507-212-8150 (Panama); e-mail: latorrac at tivoli.si.edu. For additional information about STRI, please consult website: http://www.stri.org. The appointment will be made without consideration of nationality, creed, race, or gender. 

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