Call for nominations: MPA Advisory Committee

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Fri Sep 22 11:59:17 EDT 2000

> [Please distribute - deadline is October 2, 2000]
> RE:  Call for nominations for a U.S. Advisory Committee on marine
> protected areas.
> On May 26, 2000, President Clinton signed Executive Order #13158 on
> marine protected areas (MPAs).  The Order directs the Secretary of
> Commerce to form a formal Advisory Committee composed of non-federal
> individuals to

> "seek the expert advice and recommendations on non-Federal scientists,
> resource
> managers, and other interested persons and organizations" to fulfill the
> Executive Order.

> The Advisory Committee is to provide input to the Secretary of Commerce
> and the
> Secretary of the Interior on implementing portions of the Executive
> Order,  specifically on strategies and priorities for developing a
> national system of MPAs.
> The  deadline for nominations is October 2, 2000.  For more information on
> nominations, the MPA Advisory Committee and the MPA Executive Order are
> available via the web site  A Federal Register notice
> calling for nominations for the Marine Protected Area Advisory Committee
> was posted August 18, 2000 (Fed Reg Vol 65, No. 161, pg 50503,
> I.D.081500CM).
> Please distribute this information as broadly as possible.  For further
> information please contact me or Anne Marie Goldsmith (phone:
> 202-482-2160; email: anne.marie.goldsmith at  Thank you.
> Roger Griffis
> National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
> U.S. Department of Commerce
> P: 202-482-5034
> email: roger.b.griffis at
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