UVC data needed for IUCN species assessments

andy cornish andy_cornish at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 6 06:29:40 EDT 2001

Hello everyone. The IUCN Specialist Group (Groupers
and Wrasses) is currently conducting assessments for
the IUCN Red List. These assessments require that we
estimate global population and whether or not the
population has declined overall or not. As you will
appreciate, there are considerable difficulties in
estimating these due to insufficient published data.
We are therefore appealing to reef scientists for UVC
data (static or over time) that can be turned into
density estimates that may allow us to make crude
estimates of population size. Obviously time-series
data will help us work out whether the population size
is changing. We would like to know about any such UVC
data within the range of the following species (mostly
Caribbean but some Indo-Pacific), as long as it was
conducted in habitats inhabited by these species. Data
used in our assessments will, of course, be properly
cited. We are aware of the ReefCheck and REEF data
sets. Many thanks, Andy Cornish Ph.D
(andy_cornish at yahoo.com)

Species are:-
Red hind (Epinephelus guttatus) 
Red grouper (E. morio)
Nassau grouper (E. striatus)
Potato grouper (E. tukula)
Blackspot tuskfish (Choerodon schoenleinii) 
Hogfish (Lachnolaimus  maximus)

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