Naval-Optics Call for Papers

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Fri Apr 6 10:17:55 EDT 2001


	Unfortunately, Dr. Michael Lesser's post today contained
additional information which did not transmit properly to coral-list.  
Following is that information (please contact Dr. Lesser, not me, for
additional information):

Call for Papers

The Office of Naval Research-Optics Program is sponsoring a special volume
in the journal Limnology and Oceanography tentatively entitled, "Optical
Properties and Remote Sensing of Shallow Water Benthic Habitats".  Papers
addressing the contribution of benthic habitats to remote sensing
reflectance or papers on the emerging use of remote sensing and in situ
optical studies of shallow waters such as coral reefs are encouraged.
Papers will be rigorously reviewed and should be prepared as described in
instructions to authors for L&O.  ONR will cover the costs of publication
for all accepted papers with appropriate recognition of that funding.
Questions regarding the suitability of manuscripts for this special volume
should be addressed to Dr. Michael P. Lesser (mpl at Titles
and abstracts should be sent to Dr. Michael P. Lesser by June 1, 2001. Due
date for submission of manuscripts is September 15, 2001 with an
anticipated volume publication date of Spring 2002. Manuscript submissions
should be addressed to the L&O editorial office.

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