Caribbean Coral Associate ID

Iain Macdonald I.Macdonald at
Fri Apr 6 11:39:37 EDT 2001

Dear all

I am trying to locate photographic identification of coral associates 
(by this term i include macroborers (not micro-borers i.e. less than 
1mm) - such as boring sponges, worms etc - and any encrusting 
organisms i.e. coralline algae, bryozoans etc.). I have had a great 
deal of success looking through the literature however most 
references are not available to me first hand. I only get photocopies 
which sometimes do not allow adequate resolution. If anybody has 
jpeg's that they would send to me or knows of a web site with 
detailed pic's then i would be grateful if they could contact me for 
my "want list" of organisms. Alternatively if you have authored a 
paper or submitted a PhD or other degree with such information 
please respond to me at

I.Macdonald at

PS The phoenix effect will make a comeback soon, once i collate 
all my facts and references.

Cheers, once again

Iain Macdonald
Room E402 John Dalton Extension Building,
Department of Environmental and Geographical Science,
Manchester Metropolitan University,
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