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NOTICE – Coral/SST Enthusiasts

NOAA began posting satellite-derived sea surface temperature (SST)
time-series this week at its Coral Reef Bleaching WebSite for 24
selected reef sites around the globe.  It is our belief that these SST
global data are the best available at 9-km resolution.  The SST
time-series, shown in 2-year plots beginning in 1985 and continuing
through 1999, use NOAA/NASA AVHRR Pathfinder data nighttime-only SST
observations.  For the more recent years (2000-2001), until Pathfinder
SSTs become available, we are showing operationally derived
nighttime-only SSTs that are used for all other NESDIS SST products and
accumulated in the special time-series as shown – again these are
presented for our 24 “Coral Reef Bleaching Indices” sites.

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Al Strong, Gang Liu, Ingrid Guch, Maggie Toscano, Jill Meyer
NOAA/NESDIS-OAR’s Coral Reef Watch Project

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