Post-doctoral fellowship - Project Seahorse and John G.Shedd Aquarium

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Tue Apr 10 05:25:12 EDT 2001

Apologies for cross posting.

Project Seahorse and John G. Shedd Aquarium

Post-doctoral fellowship to develop and lead ex situ research on seahorse
and pipefish husbandry, management and conservation.

Will also facilitate communication among a network of aquarium
professionals and guide other syngnathid research.

The ideal candidate will exhibit strong research skills, an evident
capacity to work with people, and considerable flexibility and mobility.
The post is based at Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, USA with considerable travel.

Project Seahorse, an international marine conservation programme
(, and Shedd Aquarium ( will
manage this position in partnership.

PhD must have been submitted by 1 June 2001.  Please send covering letter,
cv, three letters of reference and two examples of written work to Rhea
Ravanera, Dept of Biology, 1205 Ave Dr. Penfield, Montreal, H3A 1B1, Canada
 Fax:1(514)398-2408.  No e-mail applications.

Deadline: 10 May 2001

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