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Dear Coral Listers,

Detailed information regarding the formatting of the manuscripts submitted
for the Proc. of the 9ICRS is now available at www.coremap.or.id by
clicking on the ICRS button.

I have copied the information at the end of this message and attached it
to this email.

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Time Scheduling

·       The final version of the reviewed papers should be received by
the editorial board via the conveners before 31 July 2001.

·       The deadline of submission of papers from the authors to the
convenor was 31 January 2001. However, the convenors are free to modify
the date as long as he/she can guarantee that the final version will
reach the board no later than 31 July 2001.

Sending the Manuscripts

·       Manuscripts may be sent to the editor via e-mail, but diskette
version and three hard-copies should also be sent by mail.  Microsoft
files are recommended.

·       Figures may be sent via powerpoint files

·       Organization of Manuscript for ICRS Proceedings
·       (Adapted from " Coral Reefs, Journal of the ISRS")

·       The title page should include a concise, informative title, names
of all authors; keywords and contact information.

·       Not exceeding 150 words; covering the main point of the article
and containing statement of problem, methods, result and conclusion.

·       Should be divided into :Introduction; Methods; Results and

·       Finding or statement should be outlined in the Introduction;

·       Sufficient details of methods and equipment should be provided
but omitting minute details that are generally known;

·       Figures, tables, and figure captions should be submitted on
separate sheets;

·       Methods, Acknowledgments, References, figure captions and tables
will  be set in small print.

Printing style : 2 columns on each page (one side only) 
·       Size of paper: A4; margin 3 cm

·       Size of font : 10

·       Length: maximum 6 pages, including illustrations, tables and

·       Should be avoided whenever possible;

·       Essential footnotes should be indicated by consecutive
superscript numbers in the text and placed at the foot of the page to
which they apply;

Genus and species names
·       Genus and species names and other words to be emphasised should
be italicised

Units and abbreviations.
·       Standard International Units should be used wherever possible; 
·       Other units should be defined at first mention.

·       Should be numbered consecutively and typed on separate pages;
each bearing the author's name

·       Should be self-explanatory and should supplement, not
duplicate,the  text.

·       Each table must have an accompanying caption on the same page.


·       Must be restricted to the minimum needed to clarify the text

·       All figures (photographs, micrographs, diagrams) should be
numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and must be referred to in the

·       They are to be submitted on separate sheets, each bearing the
author's name and the figure number;

·       Where possible, figures should be grouped to form multi-panel
presentations bearing in mind that the maximum display area for figures
and  captions is 17.6 x 23.6 cm

·       Prints should have high contrast and be trimmed at right angles.
Lettering should be about 3mm high and rub-on lettering should be used to
mark photographs and micrographs.

·       Computer drawings are acceptable provided they are of comparable
quality to line drawings.

·       Colour illustration will be accepted; however, the authors will
be expected to make contribution towards the extra costs (approx. DM
1200,- for the first and DM 600,- for each additional page)


·       Listed alphabetically at the end of the paper and styled as in
the following examples:

Journal papers:
·       Name and initials of all authors, year, full title; Journal
abbreviated in accordance with international practices, volume number,
first and last page numbers.

·       Example: Marsh LM,Bradbury RH, Reichelt RE (1984). Determination
of ^Åetc.
Coral Reefs 2: 175 - 180.


·       Names and initials of authors; year; article title;editor(s);
(title of book); edition; volume number; publisher; place; page numbers.

·       Example: Michelsen A (1974). Hearing in invertebrates. In.:
Keidel WD,  Neff WD (eds) Auditory system. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg
New York (Handbook of sensory physiology,vol V/1,pp 389 - 422 ).

Symposium volumes

·       Names and initials of all authors; year; full title;symposium
abbreviated,volume number; first and last page numbers.
·       Example: Hatcher Al (1985). The relationship between coral reef
structure and nitrogen dynamics. Proc 5th Int Coral Reef Symp 3: 407 -


·       In the text should read: (Leonard 1968) or Griffiths (1975).

·       More than two authors use the style: Smith et al. (1980)

·       More than one paper by one author in the same year use : Brown
(1990a; 1990b);

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