Abdullahi strikes again...

katherine sanchez nyctarinia at bigfoot.com
Mon Apr 16 15:23:56 EDT 2001

dear all:

i am one of those who received the spam mail requesting to use my bank
account to transfer big amount of money.  the name used was not dr abdullahi
but BOB KAMBILI, suppossedly a bank manager.  one of my friends who first
recieved it became interested and tried it, he even called the numbers
given.  there were people who answered the phone.  the catch was, money was
requested to be deposited on the account number given by the supposed person
supposedly to facilitate the transfer of funds.  more request came in
supposedly to finance the on-going legal works. So if ever you inquired from
these people and already given the requested information, DO NOT give any


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Dear Coral-Listers,

	It has come to my attention that members of coral-list may be
receiving email from a "Dr. Abdullahi Abacha" with "REQUEST FOR
ASSISTANCE" as the subject heading.  Basically, this is a scam in which
"Abduallahi," from Nigeria, wishes to place $68 million dollars in your
bank account for nothing.  This is an old scam, but if you haven't seen it
already, please review the description of it at:


	Sorry to bother you with this non-coral message, but the
perpetrators were trying to use coral-list subscribers as their victims.


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