NOAA seeks candidates for Foster Scholarship Program

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                                                FYI - NOS scholarship
offer from

                                                NOAA's National Ocean
Service Seeks Applications For
                                                New Scholarship Program

                                                The National Ocean
Service is seeking highly
                                                motivated candidates to
apply for the newly
                                                established Dr. Nancy
Foster Scholarship
                                                Program, which provides
support for outstanding
                                                scholarship and
encourages independent
                                                graduate level research
in oceanography, marine
                                                biology and maritime
archaeology, including the
                                                curation, preservation
and display of maritime

                                                "There are so many
bright young people out
                                                there, and this
scholarship program offers
                                                incredible opportunity,"
said Acting Administrator
                                                for the National Oceanic
and Atmospheric
                                                Administration Scott
Gudes. "Dr. Foster would
                                                have been very proud to
be able to provide
                                                financial help to
individuals who could work in the
                                                fields she so loved."

                                                Authorized by congress
in honor of Dr. Nancy
                                                Foster's life work and
contribution to the nation,
                                                this scholarship program
carries a 12 month
                                                stipend for
approximately five students of
                                                $16,800 and an annual
cost of education
                                                allowance of up to

                                                For more information on
the scholarship, visit the Web site

                                        Applications for fall 2001 are
being solicited from
                                                            March 26
through April 22, 2001.

                                  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration is honored to
                                  announce the Dr. Nancy Foster
Scholarship Program to recognize
                                  outstanding scholarship and encourage
independent graduate-level
                                  research--particularly by female and
minority students--in oceanography,
                                  marine biology and maritime
archaeology. Congress authorized the
                                  Program, as described in the National
Marine Sanctuaries Amendments
                                  Act of 2000 (Pub. L. 106-513), soon
after Dr. Foster's death in June 2000,
                                  as a means of honoring her lifeís work
and contribution to the nation. The
                                  program is administered through NOAAís
National Ocean Service and
                                  funded annually with 1% of the amount
appropriated each fiscal year to
                                  carry out the National Marine
Sanctuaries Act.

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