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Coral listers/Tracey
I, perhaps like other coral listers, would appreciate hearing more about
fisher training programmes (or local community programmes etc) related to
establishing MPAs. I'm currently undertaking various projects on economic
and sustainable financing aspects of marine protected areas.  I'm also
currently developing a methodology for valuing the potential benefits from
staff training for GIBB Ltd, the company I work for.

An interesting study would be to assess the potential economic costs and
benefits of fisher training programmes (or local community programmes etc),
potentially to help justify them, or perhaps to help focus them on
particular aspects.  If anyone would be interested in developing such a
proposal, or even better, funding a small study into this, then please let
me know. 
Many thanks

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I am trying to get in touch with Liana McManus as I believe she 
successfully developed fisher training prior to the creation of a marine 
park at Bolanao, Philippines. (This lead was given to me by Brad Opdyke at 

Further to that, we are developing a programme of fisher training on the 
Mauritian Island of Rodrigues which will be designed to include 
introductions to lagoon, fish and fisheries ecology as well as the theories 
behind marine reserves and other management measures.

I would be very grateful if we could be recommended publications, training 
manuals or anyone who has previous experience in this area in order for us 
to develop a programme which can benefit from this.

Many thanks,

Tracy Clark

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