Communities of caral-assoc. animals

Ivan Marin ic771inm at
Fri Apr 27 13:23:20 EDT 2001

Dear Coral-Lers
    I am a 4-year student and now working with animals, associated with corals from South Vietnam (fish, mollusk and especially Decapoda(Crustacea)).
    I have a question. Are here (in Coral-L) scientists, who interesting in communities of coral-associated animals? I want to become acquainted with them.I also search for scientist, working in South Vietnam or with materials from South Vietnam. How many species (and what species) of hermatip corals are there and (if it possible) what species of animals are associated with them there? 
     Thank You. I'll be appreciate any help. Sincerely Your, Marin Ivan.

Marin Ivan, student
Zoological Department
Altai State University
Barnaul, Russia.

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